Sunday, September 13, 2009

People...they come and go...

Over the years, I have met more people than I can even remember...

There were the people who came in for a few brief moments who I'll never think about again.

There are the people who stuck around for a little while longer, who I vaguely remember as being there at some point in time.

There are the people who left an impression on me, who I will think back on for years to come, but who will never be a real presence in my life...

And then there are the people who have honestly touched my heart.

It is a very diverse group of people...people who I know will have some place in my life for years. I met them in different places, under different circumstances, but they all have affected me profoundly...

I am eternally grateful for these people.

Some of them may be around for the long haul. The ones I'll grow old with; the ones who 50 years down the road, will be showing me pictures of their grand kids.

Some may not.

I have lost friends, but have been blessed enough to meet new ones...

Everyone who comes into our lives are here for a purpose. There is a reason they appeared in our lives. Maybe they are there to offer words of wisdom, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a smile when our world is crumbling, and maybe they are meant to teach us a life lesson.

I miss those friends who have "served their purpose"

The friends that are no longer "friends," but acquaintances, or fading memories of the past.

Friendship is a delicate's knowing how to be a friend and how to treat a friend...and sometimes knowing when you have outgrown a friendship.

It's hard knowing when to fight for a friendship, and when to simply let go...

I have fought, and I've let go...and those experiences have made me into the woman I am today...they have taught me about life, and about being myself.

The lifetime friends.

The fading memories.

The lost friends.

The new friends.

I would not be the woman I am today without them.

And for that, I am forever grateful...