Sunday, February 28, 2010

Confession #8 and #9

I've had my heart broken so many times, I've stopped keeping track.

I've yet to find that real love, and a real legitimate love connection with someone. Either I get in my own way, the timing is all wrong, they are unavailable, or we are just not right for each other (just to name a few reasons).

I've been let down by so many. I've been led on. I've been taken for granted. I have been used. I have been embarrassed. I've felt an incredible connection to someone, just to have them toss me to the side like an old rag.

It used to bring me down, but you can't sit and cry over something you can't change. You can't live a life of regrets, so now I just take them as lessons learned. I try to learn from each one in hopes that I will eventually get it right.

Confession #9: Despite the heartbreak, I believe with every fiber of my being, that there is someone out there for me. I just haven't met him yet.

Every step I have taken, every mistake I've made is taking me closer to him. With each step I take, with each breath I take, we are being brought closer to each other. Each heartbreak is preparing me, testing me so that I will know the real thing when I see it. I have no idea when we will finally meet, or how, but I will never lose my faith in love or in the fact that I do deserve to feel it.

There are so many songs that remind me of this every time I hear them...just to name a few,

"Love Song for No One" - John Mayer
It's hard to pick a favorite line, but if I had to choose:

Searching all my days just to find you
I'm not sure who I'm looking for
I'll know it
When I see you
Until then, I'll hide in my bedroom
Staying up all night just to write
A love song to no one

Another one of my favorites is Janet Jackson's "Someone to Call My Lover"
Favorite line:

Friends say I'm crazy cause
Easily I fall in love
You gotta do it different (J)
This time

Maybe we'll meet at a bar
He'll drive a funky car
Maybe we'll meet at a club
And fall so deeply in love
He'll tell me I'm the one
And we'll have so much fun
I'll be the girl of his dreams maybe

I absolutely love both of those songs, but as of right now, Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet" is my song

I'm not even going to write my favorite line, because I love the whole's just so me, here are all the lyrics, followed by the official video =)

What it all comes down to is faith in love. Despite the tears and the heartbreak, I believe in love and that there is someone out there for me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Confession #7

When I fall, I fall hard.

I like to think I have a big heart. I always joke that I have all this extra love to give, but no one to give it when I do find someone, and I fall there's no turning back for me. I am the type of person who will give everything and anything to that person just to see them smile, just to see them happy. I put other's happiness before my own...and all because I want to, it's just the type of person I am.

I love love. I love the idea of being in love...which is so dangerous for me. Because I see beauty and potential in everyone. Part of me wishes I didn't, because it would save me some pain...but I think to finally get what I want, I'm going to have to go through some struggle and comes with the territory. If you're willing to give someone your heart, you have to also be willing to have it broken.

Current song: Lady Antebellum "Need You Now" I'm loving this song right now!!
My favorite line: "I'd rather hurt, than feeling nothing at all."

Sunday, February 21, 2010


There are times when my imagination starts to run free,
And almost gets the best of me.

I start to feel more than I should,
More than I thought I would.
I get confused at what is real,
And don't know how to deal with how I feel.

I imagine how life would be if it was you and me.
And happiness is all I can see.
I imagine you see me as the real thing,
And not just a convenient fling.

I imagine the warmth of your embrace,
And my heart starts to race.
I imagine that when you look at me, you see more than your friend,
That you and I will somehow make it work in the end.

But as soon as I am out of my reverie,
I realize that it was just my imagination trying to get the best of me.
I'm brought back to reality,
But your face is still all I see.

There are times where I hate my wild imagination,
And I try to fight this infatuation,
But it still brings me moments of pure bliss,
And I realize it's something that I would miss.

So for now, I'll let my imagination run free,
And hope that it doesn't get the best of me.

Confession #6

I sometimes let my imagination get the best of me.

Call it the curse of the hopeless romantic, but there are times where my imagination tends to run free, and I get caught up in what could be as opposed to what actually is.

It's a common tale...

Girl meets boy.
Girl falls for boy,
Boy doesn't feel the same way, but somewhere along the line girl gets the idea that he does...

She sees more than is actually there, thinks of a simple gesture as something more. Her imagination runs wild, and she thinks he wants her just as much as she wants him. She imagines what it would be like if they were together, if there was nothing standing in their way. She imagines a future, she imagines him as the real thing and not just a fling.

Then like a flash of lightning, she's suddenly brought back to reality. To an empty feeling, and a sad realization that it was all just her imagination...

Food for thought: Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Confessions

What kind of Hopeless Romantic would I be if I did not take the time to write something about Valentine's Day?

So here is my confession...

I have spent the majority of my Valentine's Days with friends and/or family. I've never had a REAL (romantic) Valentine's Day.

I do not regret the past Valentine's Days, because I believe that the day is over-rated, and the most important idea behind the day is love. The type of love doesn't need to be a romantic love, just an honest love shared between people.

There were times where I let the hype of the day get the best of me. Times where I felt sad and pathetic because I didn't have a date or any one "special" person to spend it with. I was jealous of my friends and the people around me who had dates or boyfriends/girlfriends...the ones who got flowers, chocolates, the whole nine...and for a long time I wanted to be one of them...

I don't know if it's the fact that I've gotten older and maybe a little bit wiser, or if I'm just over the hype. But I don't feel that jealous twinge anymore. I honestly am content to spend February 14 with the people I truly care about...I have my family, friends and sorors, and they make me incandescently happy.

I haven't given up on love, but I believe that we should be celebrating love everyday, not just one day out of the year...And I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't want to celebrate Valentine's Day with someone special, but when it is meant to happen, it will.

And here is another confession...

February 14, 2010 was one of the best Valentine's Days I've ever's been a couple of days, and I'm still smiling thinking about it.

Hopelessly Yours,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Ungettable Get

What do you do
When all you seem to want is him,
But he doesn't feel the same about you?

No one else seems to catch your eye
Because no one else is quite like him,
But you can't seem to get him out of your head and you don't know why.

He's the ungettable get,
And you just haven't figured it out yet.
That he's not the one for you,
And if you stick around for too long,
You'll just end up looking like a fool.
Because maybe he's just not that into you.

You sit and wonder what it is you lack,
Why you're not quite good enough for him
Why this is always the kind of guy you attract.

They're always too busy,
Or just want to be single and free.
Maybe they still have feelings for an ex,
Whatever it is, they all end up being another ungettable get.

You must be some kind of sick masochist,
To continue to put up with this,
But you can't help who you fall for
And hope one day one of them will turn out to be more.

You try not to get upset,
And hope that he's your last ungettable get...