Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No More Lies

If you see me cry,
I'm just trying to apologize,
For every single time I told you a lie.

When you asked if I was ok,
And I said yes with a smile on my face,
I said everything was fine,
I lied.

You said I looked upset,
Asked if I was angry,
And I said I was happy,
It was a lie.

Deep down you knew
That I was lying to you.
But please know I only did it in a vain attempt to protect my heart.

I was angry with you,
And I was not ok,
Not because you lied or treated me badly,
But because you made me fall
And want to give you my all
From the very start.

And when I said I didn't care,
That I was happy with you as only my friend,
That you weren't the only one I was seeing,
With every fiber of my being,
I lied.

As I sit here writing and reminiscing our "fling"
Maxwell's playing in the background, singing about pretty wings.
And I can't help but feel this is the end,
That you and I will never be anything more than friends.

But I'm not mad anymore,
You reminded me of the fun life can have in store.
You helped me open up again
And finally let someone in.

There are no more tears,
No more sad thoughts
There are smiles
And fond memories,
And silent thank yous for all you've done for me.

So it's time for you and I to spread our pretty wings
And fulfill our own destinies.
Because I can't look at you and pretend I don't have feelings...
All I ask is that you smile when you think of me.

And I promise I won't tell you another lie,
Which is why it's time for me to say good bye.

1 comment:

  1. wow! I love the sincerity. I'm new to this whole blogging thing so I don't really know the blog etiquette but I just wanted to tell you that I feel the same way and that you just composed a very nice letter. best of luck and hope the recovery goes well.